Though No Festival Required is a for-profit business, many of the screenings have been sponsored at venues like the Phoenix Art Museum, SMoCA and through the “Building Community Cinema” series. We want to thank our sponsors for their support, thank the numerous individual donors who’ve supported NFR with their contributions and, finally, thank the venues where NFR has screened.

Sponsors(in no particular order)

Roosevelt Commons/Butler Housing Company

azarchitecture/Jarson and Jarson Real Estate

Benjamin Hall Design

Luis Solis Realty


Carolyn Sechler, C.P.A.

Mother Bunch Brewing

Will Bruder Architects

Armstrong-Prior, Inc.

Arizona State University

Scottsdale Community College

Phoenix Urban Research Lab

Cattle Track Arts and Preservation

Bentley Projects


Carly’s Bistro

The Torch Theater

Consortium of Black Organizations and Others for the Arts

The Clarendon Hotel

Sponsoring Venues

Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts


Phoenix Art Museum

Arizona Opera

Mesa Arts Center

Phoenix Center for the Arts

Space 55

Modified Arts